Our Team

Born in Turin and landed almost by chance in Sardinia where he decided to turn his passion for cycling into his profession, starting Dolcevita. After many years, he is still trying to work out why, as the business keeps growing, he’s got to be in the office everyday rather than on his bike.

our bike mechanic. He knows every single bike of the fleet, as a shepherd knows his sheep. Proud of its Sardinian origins, he can’t wait to tell your guests everything about the island during a welcome meeting or leading a tour.

born and bred in his beloved Cagliari, where he got his language degree. He is responsible for hotel and agencies bookings, so if your are working with Dolcevita, you are very likely to hear from him. Not before 10am  though, he is probably still surfing somewhere.

Our preferred tour leader is from Vicenza, in Northern Italy but he doesn’t miss a chance to come to Sardinia and lead a tour. He transmits his contagious energy to every guests and makes each single tour he leads  one to remember.