Self guided tours

Self guided tours

A self-guided cycling and hiking tour

A self guided tour is an organized trip. During a self guided trip you travel independently accordingly to your own pace and needs, along a planned itinerary. To get from one point of your tour to the next, you follow a highly detailed set of route notes provided by Dolcevita.
This means that during your cycling tour or hiking you decide what time you wish to set off, how many breakes you want to take along the leg. You don't follow a guide nor a group, nor a determined daily schedule.
While you are on the road enjoying your self guided tour in Sardinia, our organization takes care of transporting your luggage. By the time you will arrive at your next accommodation, you will find your luggage waiting for you. You will only have to check in the hotel, that has been previously booked by our organization. There is not much tasks left for you to do. Just don't forget to get a fresh drink once you have arrived!

The typical included services in a self guided cycling or hiking tour are:

  • Overnights booking, normally in 3 stars hotel, always with en-suite bathroom, on bed and breakfast board.
  • Luggage transportation
  • Set of detailed route notes
  • Telephone assistance

The route notes
Route notes are one of our most important assets. They are regularly updated and we are always improving them, as we aim to give to our guests a more and more precise guide along their trip. A real travel companion.
Route notes are presented in order to be as easy to use and as clear to read as possible, in accordance with the type of trip you are doing.
Leisure cycling and Mountain biking route notes come in a booklet format. They have a graphic sketch of every single relevant junction accompanied by a very light written description, for every leg of the itinerary an overall map, a height profile, and an information page containing highglights that you don't want to miss, useful addresses and other information
Racing biking route notes are designed to be of a lighter format, giving more space to the overall map, but keeping the height profile and information page.
Hiking trip route notes are characterized by a very detailed written description, linked to a set of high scale survey maps (1:25.000scale).

In case of a problem: telephone assistance
In case you have problems during the tour, you are not left to solve it yourself. In fact, at your arrival in Sardinia you will be provided with our telephone numbers that you can call. Once we are aware of the problem you have, we start seeking the best possible option to solve it. Still, there are limits to our assistance: we won't intervene for a flat tyre or a fallen chain!